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Landscaping For The Beginner

Generally, there are several guidelines to keep in mind for a novice or first-time landscapers who would like to set up their own design. Front yard usually needs more attention because people that are visiting or driving by your home will give their first impression depends on your front yard appearance, while a backyard may appear far more personal and you're able to set it up to be as different as you want. Landscaping 4 fun !!! Remember this word to make your landscape project as a hobby and fun task, so you can enjoy all the process.


Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard


You can add more unity by designing smaller flower beds in front of windows and each side of your drive. If you want your front yard to look colorful naturally, you can add some different flower or plant and combine it with water feature. But if you want your front yard appearance more balance, you can plant along the walkway and front drive the same variety of flowers with similar few colors and some shade trees. If you've more space, you can add a small fountain.


Landscaping Ideas for Front Yard


As mentioned above, the backyard will be more personal so you can design and styling depends on your dream and desire. For example, you can add water features like lily or fish ponds to your taste. You may also add and buy sculptures as well as other artwork. Although it depends on your taste, you should not add a very large statue because will take much of your backyard space and a large stuff is usually hard blend with the surrounding item, so your backyard will look messy.


Hopefully, this article can give you some insight on your first landscaping project. Keep in mind there are lots of information source out there so keep searching to get more landscaping ideas and combine with your own idea to make it more unique and different with others. Have fun and enjoy your landscaping project.

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